Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Interesting Blog Talk

Hello! I want to share with you some interesting blog posts I've recently come across. They are thoughtful posts and worth your time. Here they are in no particular order:
  • When You Don't Look "Right" - an author's personal take on looks and culture and when they don't necessarily match the stereotype, something I am very familiar with (I commented on the blog post, if you're curious to know what I mean).
  • Breaking the Mold: Rainbow Rowell on YA and body image - an author's view of body image in young adult novels. She makes a great point when she talks about her own writing. I really appreciated this post.
  • Why I will no longer treat writing like a job - an author/agent's take on writing and well, treating it like a job (yeah, I am really helpful in describing posts, ha, I'm tired, get over it!). It was thought provoking.
  • Writing a Book for Boys - an author blogs about the way books are marketed and how boys have to be urged more than girls to read. Or something like that. Look, I said before, I'm a little tired! Read it, you'll see what I meant to say.
  • What's in a name? Defining New Adult - another author, but this one is writing about what they think the genre New Adult is all about. It's a relatively new definition and genre from all the things I've read on it so far.
  • Inspired Openings: Special Agent Edition - this post is a collection of what  makes a good opening in a book according to some agents. Really helpful advice here if you're looking to one day query an agent.
  • When the Twitterverse Finds Enemies - an author's well thought out post on Twitter rage and how people stand up for the lamest things. Well, see what he said, it's not exactly my best summary.
That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed some food for thought. Since my summarization skills are currently lacking, I will refrain from posting a review of Jack the Giant Slayer. If I am not too lazy I will post one real soon. If not, well I'll just say that I enjoyed the movie. Have a nice night!

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