Monday, 18 March 2013

Game of Thrones Exhibition - The Night's Watch

The Night's Watch

The Night's Watch.
Founded eons ago, the Night’s Watch guards the massive wall of ice that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the wilds of the Far North. In recent times, the order’s ranks have dwindled and are now supplied mainly from the dungeons of Westeros. Driven by the appearance of demonic creatures known as white walkers, Lord Commander Mormont has led his entire force, along with Ned Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow, north to find answers.

Ygritte's costume. Jon Snow's costume, and um, I don't remember the last one!!

Rattleshirt's mask and gloves. A wildling's waterskin. Ice picks.
Ygritte's boots. Dragonglass daggers.

That's it! I took a lot more pictures than this, of course, but if you can get to the exhibition, it would be great to see it for yourself. Don't forget to catch the premiere of season 3 on March 31st. I know I will be anxiously awaiting it! Do you think the Red Wedding will end the season??

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