Wednesday, 1 May 2013

blah de blah blah blah

How to do this. How to do that. Sometimes I think I’m swimming against a never ending tide of writing advice. Lately, I’ve been reading many different books and blogs on writing technique, story technique, and all that. It’s getting really frustrating, though, to know how much to rely on them. Why can’t I just write the story I want to read and say to hell with it all?

Now, I know there are things that make your writing better – and boy, did I need to hear some of those tips – like cutting unnecessary words, keeping it simple, and blah de blah blah blah.

When does it end?

What’s the right dose to take?

All I want to do is finish my story once and for all. But all this advice floating around in my head has been hindering me these last couple of weeks. I can’t turn off my inner editor. I can’t just sit and write like I did at the beginning.

Maybe this is good, though, right? Maybe all that extra careful writing I am doing will mean less work once the first draft is finally finished. Right? Right!?


I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. It’s May already. I wanted to be finished by now. The weather is beautiful. My cats are escaping through the patio door and I sit around worrying about them. Or I go outside with them and have my thinking time – where I think about my story.

Some good will come out of this. And something will come out of all the things I read on writing.

In the words of Spartacus: apologies, for breaking words lacking invitation.

In other words, sorry for the ramble. I am obviously very frustrated, but still around.