Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Goal for February

So, I've decided to give myself a goal for this month. I hope to write 25,000 words of my current work in progress. That would bring me to 100,000 words and probably to the end of the story.
I am a bit worried, however, that I won't actually get to the end of the story once my goal is reached. There's so much that needs to happen from now until then and I don't think I can fit it all in at 100,000 words. My story is a fantasy, and right now I'm writing it with an adult audience in mind, but I keep thinking it might be better as a young adult. That being said, I am a little confuddled as to how long it should be. General guidelines I've read over the Internet are all over the place, though from 90,000 to 120,000 max seems to be the generally accepted rule for fantasy.
*le sigh*
I think I'll just worry about all that once my story is actually finished. Then I can revise, edit, and cut any needless things. It might not ever get published anyway.
*face palm*
Think positive, missy!
Anyway, I've set up a word count meter to the right. As you can see, today I wrote 2,091 words. Pretty good. I haven't calculated how much I'll need to write every day to reach my goal before the stroke of midnight on March 1st, but I figure I can reach this goal. It will motivate me to sit down and write. And if I could do 50,000 in November, when I actually had a job and things to do, then I can definitely do this in February, even if it is only 28 days long and I didn't really write for the first two days. I hope I can do that anyway...
I'll update the meter every time I update the blog, which I don't know how often that will be; suffice it to say update times shall vary!
Have a good evening and a good week! Ciao!
P.S. How about those habs there, eh? 6-2!? Looking good, especially compared to last season (which I would like to forget ever happened).

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